25+ Most Powerful & Professional Blogging Apps (Android)

Android is the most powerful and basic need now. The popularity of this OS is only because of its unlimited application from Google play store. As Android is a free source OS there are lot of  other app storage too. This helps each and every user the most appropriate user-friendly environment. In this article,  I will show the most effective, powerful and professional blogging apps which will help the bloggers for sure.

Well, most of the bloggers used Android for many purposes. The main reasons are social media connectivity, emailing, content discovery etc. I especially use my cell phone to use Facebook, twitter, and email. (I synced all my email address to one place). That’s why a smart device, mostly android is the first options for bloggers too.

powerful blogging apps

Well, here is the list of apps I am using for so long on my android device and those applications are really powerful and have a capability to increase productivity.

25+ Most Powerful & Professional Blogging Apps:

Main platform application for bloggers:


WordPress is the best blogging platform considered by most of the bloggers. Unlike its web version the mobile app is also very much powerful but it has some limitations. For example, most of the essential parts are disabled here in the app. You can’t control all of your plugins here. But my most favorite part about this application is the text editor, comments and posts. I replied most of my comments from this app. Also, sometimes I draft new posts here whenever my laptop is not with me.
Another great feature about the WordPress app, I found that the possibility to manage media center.


Unlike WordPress blogger apps from Google is also very much of handy and powerful. For the blogspot  bloggers, this is very much important. I used to use this app when I was running my blogspot blog. WordPress and blogspot, those two have the major similarities, but they are completely opposite with the same functionality.


Tumblr is another great blogging platform for the bloggers. Basically for photo blogger, cook blogs and etc. Tumblr is also a powerful platform to interlink the content between WordPress and blogger blogs. The most bloggers used to do that thing. And this is very much important from the SEO perspective.

My verdict:

Blogging is very much easier these days. For the cellular perspective, Google also runs an algo update on 21st April 2015.  Here we can assume that the mobile platforms will also developed in the future and the whole lot things can be easy with the respective mobile apps.

Well, we bloggers must use all the main platform apps for blogging as this gives the freedom to manage whenever you want. These powerful blogging apps will surely increase the productivity.

Social media applications :

Social media is the king of self-promotion & self-promotion is the key of business success. Also, many busines now take the growth only because social media sites. Here is the list of social media sites which you need to have.


Facebook is the major social media site where lots of traffic comes. Every professional conversation leads to a conversion here or the chances of being getting more conversion very easy. There are lots and lots of groups, pages where bloggers can share their new posts, affiliate products, other services etc. Which can easily make a good impression. I considered that Facebook is the most powerful blogging apps which can easily make trust among the good bloggers.

Related to Facebook, there are other applications too.

  • Facebook messenger.
  • Facebook page manager
  • Facebook Groups.

Those applications are also very much helpful for bloggers as here the individual parts can be done. For example in Facebook groups app, all the groups form Facebook account is listed and hence, the sharing is hell easy with the mobile devices.


I consider that twitter is the house of hashtags. The most recent or unique tweet you have, the chances of getting more re-tweet are also getting higher. But twitter is meaningless if there are no hashtags. Here is one of the detailed guide from Swadhin Agarwal about how you can grow your twitter followers.


Unlike Facebook and twitter, Google+ is another way of social media which can drive traffic. In my point of views, this is the most powerfull blogging application because google sometimes takes more information based on Google+. That’s why, hitting massive nos here is a greatest thing for the bloggers.

Google+ communities are very similar to Facebook groups. But the question is which one is more effective. Well, for success within a short time of period, facebook is far better and for long run I can only depend Google+.


Instagram is the latest way of making conversation. What? But yes. It is the latest way. One picture can tell more than 100 words. This is very much cleared with a research that learning is so much easy with images and videos. Thus what Instagram exactly did.

Well, using Instagram for business is very much easy. Trust me, very much easy.


Stumble upon is another great tool for discovering contents and also submitting content. The best part about Stumbleupon is that it has the capability to increase the traffic within a few minutes when one article is being stumbled. But the traffic doesn’t lasts for long. One best way to get more no of traffic from StumbleUpon is that you must share relevant content under different niche.


Pinterest is one of my favorite application. Almost each and every blogger use Pinterest and may be you should know that Pinterest is giving do-follow backlinks. Well, In Pinterest, Pins are like “Like” Button.


One slogan will perfect to describe Linkedin that is ” Linkedin-Where business connects to business.” Well, this is completely professional approach to use LinkedIn. Frankly speaking I didn’t use LinkedIn much but this is also a good Professional Blogging Apps.

My Verdict:

Every social networking apps plays a major role in Content discovery. More than 80% traffics came from the social networking sites itself before indexing to Google’s directory. But the approach should be proper and professional. I see many of my friends today establish their blogs to the next big level only using social media promotions.

Another very good feature about Professional Blogging Apps that those apps have endless possibilities to play with.

Analytics application:

#Google analytics:

I think there is no need to introduce with this application. I know one and only best apps to track everything about a blog is Google analytics. When I started blogging, I used to open this app with the interval of 30 minutes to check real-time visitors. ?

For a growing blog, to monitor traffic, sourct, blounce rate etc gives more productivity in the future to work improvmet.

#Google adsense:

If you have an adsense account, then you must use adsense mobile app. This is exactly the same as the web version and you can track your income. ?

Social media sharing applications for bloggers :

Social media sharing holds a strong impression to set up a new blog. Unlike the community, it can bring hell lot of traffic from the socuial media. If it become automation it feels like “sone pe suhaga”.

Its been a long time i am using these two applications for sharing my contents.

#Buffer :

Buffer is a social media sharing application, (it’s also available as web version too) where you can add your facebook account, twitter account and Google+ account and in the pro version of this you can also put groups on your facebook account. One major part which I like the most is time scheduling. Well, there is some best time to post your both post. So according to this you can schedule your blog post and also it helps to bring traffic for your old blogs posts too. In a recent survey of mine, it cleared that sharing old blog post makes a great impressions and it also brings a lot of traffic.

Another reason why I like buffer a lot that is it holds your personality. That means when you are not able to be active on social media sites, just put some here at buffer and schedule it and it will manage your account.


It exactly do the same thing like buffer and honestly, there is no compititation among both. Because both are very good at their work.

Content discovery application for bloggers :


Most of the time I like to spend here. If some one have tech blog then this application is just for you. Actually, niche doesnot matter in this application. The one great feature I found about flipboard that it shows the most recent updates. In the new version they give the possibility to add webpages. This is one of the great feature.


Quora is a community of thousands of people related to every niche. Here most of the bloggers may find out what they should prepare for their next blog post.


Subscriptions without subscribe. Well, I would like the say about feedly that it gives the possibilities to track their compititations without visiting their blog. Here, Feedly guys gives and opportunity to trackdown the allowed webpages and their latest updates. Well, I like to use feedly like a custome newspaper will all of my related news and latest feeds only.

#StumbleUpon & Pocket:

I have already mentioned about these two apps earlier under social media tabs.

Content creation application for bloggers :

#Microsoft word:

Microsoft word is the best and powerfull writing apps in my concern. For andoid the application is available and it has the capability to upload the txt d ocument gor further desktop use. Truely speaking ms word is my favourite app above all. Thus app is very much smoith and easy to creat. Sime bloggers needs pie chart, flow chart and bar chart. This is also posdible to create with the aookication.

#Google docs :

Unlike ms word google doc us also very much usefull app. Google is smart enough to track what you are writing and what mistakes you have d one so far. I think, in the higher versions of goigle docs or ms word, the gramatical mistakes, error correction and cintent redesign will done automatically. Lets hope that it will come very soon.

Both app upload the mobile docs via to the restective pc and web version.


When I was aware about blogging Evernote was my most favourite app for content writing. As a student, I can’t give a quality time to my blogging networks. That means I can’t always be active on my laptop for writting stuffs. But evernote puts all the effort very easy so that it made the same sriting platform for both laptop and mobile verson.

Cloud storage application for bloggers:

#Google drive:

Cloud storage is the next gen storage. Googke drive is one of my favourite cloud platform. I am preety sure that many of you also use drive for many reasons. But for me I used to keep all my important documents, even my wordpress backup, ebooks etc on that.


Dropbox is also another cloud app for hosting files. Sorry to say but, at present I donot have any experiance about dropbox by my friends used it for shating files.

Email apps for bloggers:

Gmail: This is worth to say that you need an email app. But how many email address does a blogger have. I synked 3 of my email address in one place and get every email instantly.

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