GetResponse vs iContact : the best email marketing solution

The ideas about setting up a big business is just started with some brainstorming ideas but why every startup or small business doesn’t succeed at their journey. We may notice that many companies comes and just flew off at a sudden. In fact, at the very beginning they hashed to manage each and everything so clear but actually in won’t make that clear perspective. The major and main concern should be relationship marketing with effective tools. So, in this post I will describe how to manage brand relationship with effective email marketing tools which can make your business lightning and happening.

Why every business should grow their email list:

Having an email list is a big success for companies or small startups. The business owner should grow their email list as they can play with it later on. So, why I mean  to say about playing just because you will get the complete freedom to send anything to your subscribers. It can be promotional offer, it can be latest post or it can be a premium content. Basically, these are the favourite games of all internet marketers.

Here is the list why you need to have a massive email list –

1. It’s beyond social media.

2. It can replicate the sales of any product(Own/affiliate)

3. Great promotional media.

4. Add value to your customers.

The most favorable tools for email marketing :

There are so many tools available in the market, but some of them are counted as the top tools of it. So, what are those?

Well, this is the post dedicated to the complete comparison about GetResponse vs iContact.

So, let’s get started.

GetResponse vs iContact

GetResponse vs iContact :

 GetResopnse Services:

GetResponce is one of the most recommended email marketing software which is growing massively fast at a rate of 350,000 happy customers in 182 countries, engaging more than 1 billion subscribers every month. Isn’t it cool?

It provides all the necessary things described below.

GetResponse vs iContact : the best email marketing solution One of the biggest factors why GetResponse is chosen almost 5 out of 10 email marketers is only its pricing factors. here it is-

GetResponce pricing

 iContact  Services :

iContact also provides some great quality features. we will discuss all those features a bit later but before that I just want to show the pricing factors of iContact. The services provided by iContact is –

iContact services

The pricing of iContact is-

iContact pricingComplete Analysis about GetResponse vs iContact :

1. Email creation:

When we talk about email marketing, first thing we need to consider that is your service provider is good at creating beautiful looking emails? Because now a days, each and every business building their email lists but very few can succeed in the field of email marketing. This I because the email layouts and designs.

Both GetResponce and iContact allows virtual email editor which is a very good function of creating email without any knowledge of HTML. So, in this categories, Both will receive 5 out of 5.

2. AUTORESPOND  features of email marketing:

Just imagine you are a big brand and you need an assistant to manage your subscribers. Or just imagine, you have your own products and you need to promote those products from the beginning to the ending. Then autoresponder might helo you. Here is an example of auto responder – Let say you are downloading an ebook after subscribing someone’s email list and then you got some emails saying that thank you for downloading my ebook or here are few advantages you will get because you are now a subscriber to my blog/website. Those things are managed by autoresponder.

Autoresponder features are very much essential for lead generation. Coming back to our products, trust me GetResponce is too good at autoresponse features.

3. Creation of landing pages-

Landing pages are very good to generating leads and increasing conversation rate. When you sell something in the  internet. landing pages can make it genuine or authentic because, they looks very beautiful. Or say, you want to organise a webinar, for that you need to invite people then landing pages are the best choice of all. That’s why we need a landing page. Now a days you can even generate leads through your social media networking sites.

Here is a collection of landing pages at GetResponse-

landing pages

Which one is better ? GetResponse or iContact?

Well, both have the feature to enable landing pages but GetResponse will give you more freedom to play around. You need to hover and over your mouse and the landing page will ready.

4. Email deliver ability-

This is one feature you need to look ate very seriously. Now let’s go depth to it. You have an email list and some of your subscriber are not getting what you have sent. Sometimes this happens due so some threats. Well, this is the basic problem. Now GetResponse demands that they can send 99.9% accurate emails and send them to the happy customers. That’s the feature you need. Never ever miss a subscriber from your list. But iContact doesn’t allow you to do so.

5. Live support:

Remember, when you choose any kind of services over the internet please make sure that their service and support is very good and outstanding. What happens, when you pay for a very good service sometimes complexity, can’t give you freedom play with that tool. So, in the mean time you need to contact the service team. That’s why this is very much essential.

GetResponse provides 24*7 support to their customers. But iContact can’t . It also had its support team but it won’t provide all day support.

Well, this is the basic features of GetResponse and iContact. We can see that we are getting some more features than iContact. But it’s not the ending of our comparison between GetResponse and iContact. Let see what we can get more with these and final verdict about choosing the products.

Comparision about GetResponse and iContact –

 1. GetResponce has integrations with WordPress, Salesforce, and other applications to make import of contacts easier.

2. GetResponce’s autoresponder calendar is easier to use and manage contacts, especially the drag and drop style of moving contacts through the sequence.

3. GetResponce has iStock photo library, whereas iContact customers have to pay additional for over 5mb of photo storage.

4. GetResponce website is much better. iContact website is unattractive and difficult to navigate.

5. GetResponce Blog has valuable information and is easy to find, not hidden.

6. GetResponce free trial gives access to all features and more subscribers whereas iContact free trial is only 100 subscribers limit.

7. GetResponce pricing is very low so that small business can easily choose its planes. iContact has more pricing options available and better rates for smaller clients.

8. iContact ‘Account Health’ sidebar lets users track their eMarketing progress.

9. Live Chat popup is convenient and prompts users to speak with sales staff.

10. GetReaponce is much more modern and easy to use than iContact. Users may see the iContact platform to be clunky and outdated.

11. Webform creator on GetResponse allows users to personalize their webforms with a drag and drop editor which is easy to use. On iContact, the Webform creator is not as sophisticated and more limited.

12. iContact- Having a pop-up live chat can make people more inclined to speak to sales representatives. Sales are giving themselves more opportunity for conversion by going after those who are already contemplating the product. They are also giving themselves the opportunity to demonstrate the product and attract impulse purchases.


This is the complete comparision between GetResponse and iContact


Why we need a email list or what is the importance of email lists ? I think this is clear in this posts too. But when ever you go for an email marketing tools, please make sure that they are good at everything. Because, emails are the clint relationship tools. It’s not only sends emails but also makes the impressions the client’s mind. Thus you can make better conversation ratio. So,I always recommend to go with GetResponce because, it gives all the necessary services related to email marketing.

GetResponce is far more better than any of the email marketing tools on the market. You can definitely do with this.

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