How to Rank Higher on Google : Advanced Web-Ranking tips

All the bloggers want to get the higher rank on Google because this is the only way where they can really get some natural traffic. Obviously high-rank websites on Google starts with that only. But this takes a long time. Trust me. A really long time off period is needed to achieve that position. But there are some exceptions too. Some blogger may demand that they can achieve higher search engine ranking of Google within a month or two, but those are all wrong. If you want to make your blog really happening then you must give some quality time. In this article, I will describe all the necessary things but the basic things about “How to make your website popular”.

increase google pagerank

So, there is no shortcut. I personally feel that shortcut leads anyone to the most dangerous path ever. Also, many of the other bloggers may demand that they are pretty good in black-hat SEO techniques, but beware. Google is also smart enough that they can easily understand what is legal or what is not. So, in this post I will also share the most genuine cases about  how to get ranked on google.

So, let’s get started.

Do you exactly know the environment of Google webmaster? If not, this is the time to get some knowledge about that. Because, the advanced web ranking tips to get higher search engine ranking starts with that only. At the end of the article, everything will be cleared automatically.

Why I am asking you to learn the environment better? Because the complete ranking ecosystem is pretty much easier with that tool. (There are also many tools are available to track your SERP but webmaster tool from Google is the basic one). May be in the next article of mine I will broadly describe about that.

The basic reason about asking you to look at your webmaster tools is only that you will shocked to see your indexing data. High-rank websites are directly related to indexing pages of your blog or website.

(This is one of the guides I have prepared for so long. Prepared in the sense, experimenting with lots of new data of various blogs. You can see the gap between the last post and this post.)

How to rank higher on Google:

Publish good content and only content:

 Content is the king. There is no doubt about that. But why we called it as the king and what’s the reason behind it? Another question comes up here that is why we need to publish good contents all the ways and how search engine identifies our contents. Well, here I will describe all the answers.

 Questions are good to find answers. Also, to execute your blog post.

So, let’s get started.

Google wants natural and unique contents. So that they can index that content as soon as possible and publish the relevant data according to Google search laws. This works as a cellular communication system. For example, if you want to get information about your existing data plan activated on your cell phone, what will you do? Call customer care, right? How they will give you the answers? They will find their directory where your package is listed and they will give you the information very quick. This exactly happens with Google search. This is the simplest example to understand.

Well writing quality content is not a big task but do you know why your contents are not indexed in the Google directory? This only depends upon SEO and the style of placing the keywords, keyword density etc. This is very much important to rank higher on Google. I used to tell that everything is related to every other here in blogging. So, here comes SEO again.


SEO is the major part of search engine ranking. Basically SEO is categorized in three parts.One is on page SEO, Off-page SEO, and on-page SEO. On-page SEO is essential to get ranking on Google. Again here in WordPress some plugins make it easier. In the previous post of mine I described some of the latest tips to optimize on-site SEO.

So, one question might come here that why on page SEO effects google web ranking and how?

Well, Google’s algorithm is the most strongest search algorithm ever. Well optimized site means well optimized on page SEO too. So, here Google knows everything about your site. For example sitemap, alt tags, meta data etc.These are the basic key features of on-page SEO. So, well optimized sites have the probability to rank higher.

Here I am not mentioning about interlinking strategies or any other stuff about interlinking because this is the part of off page SEO. I believe so. But that is also relevant.

Another crucial part about SEO is Keyword research. Unless and until, if you can’t provide strong keyword, this is worth to publish more light(less value) content. So, how to research for the strongest keyword. Well, There are two methods to research for your keywords. Low competition keywords are always easy to rank. But the major trend now is LSI Keywords. Keywords are the backbones of any blog post of online content.

 Social media shares:

 Do you ever notice that some top most blogs post sharing counts. Some plugins shows that how much share was done for the particular post. I was shocked to do some analysis of the top blogs and their social share counts. Within a few hours, they hit more than 500 shares or sometimes more than 1000 too. I think you know well about the sharing benefits. Simply, it gives the content, a glance and tell search engine that here is a content about something let say “increasing Google pagerank “ and if this goes viral in the social networking sites and then Google knows exactly what they will need to do next. Indexing.  Shares helps is two way. One is decreasing crawling time and increasing pageviews. But this thing doesn’t lasts for long. So, we need to share old contents too. This gives a flow about what you are sharing and holds a impressions about your blogging consistency.

Keyword research:

Keyword research is one of the major portions of SEO. Which later on effects on increase google web-ranking. So, how to research for your keywords. Actually keywords are worth if you don’t add appropriate header tags.That is basically H1-H6.

So, there are lot of tools to find the appropriate and the best keyword. Among them i use two tools. Google keyword planner and Long tail pro. Here Keyword planner is free to use and Long tail pro is the premium one. Basically Long tail keywords are in demand now a days. The search terms are changed completely. In long tail keyword there are 4 to 5 words. So, i will shortly describe what types of keyword you should take or what you should not.

Which keywords generate more traffic?

Well, in the first 6 month of blogging, i don’t know anything about keyword research but later on everything is cleared. I guess many of the newbie blogger still have some problem to find the appropriate keyword. If yes. then this is for you guys.

Keywords are categorized in two main ways.

  • High competition keywords.(In terms of high search volumes)
  • Low competition keywords. (In terms of high search volumes)

High competition keywords are very hard to rank as already very large no of used use it. But as similar low competition keywords are very easy to rank. But the main question is search volume.

Always choose the High volume, low competitive keywords. These keywords are easy to rank.

How to add header tags in between your blog post?

Well, The method is  very much easier. Read the list below.

  • H1- Blog title should have H1 tags.
  • H2- Primary keyword should have H2 attribute.
  • H3- Secondary keywords should attribute H3 tags.
  • H4-H6- Other important key points, such as keyword contained quotes etc. should attribute under H4-H6 tags.

This is the exact method of implementing Header tags.

 Guest post:

Frankly speaking I personally feels that guest posting is worth. Even some top bloggers also gives their points about it. Here i will show my views. Let say you have a very impressing content and you want to publish it as a guest post. But what will happen next. You will get some do-follow backlinks, get some more page views, but the actual effect will not happen for you and for your blog. The publishing blog will get more effected due to that content. But here some of the exceptions too. Guest posts holds your identity. I mean to say that you will definitely get some of the new visitors and may be conversations too. Please correct me if I wrong.

But search engine takes it completely opposite way. They believe that do-follow backlinks are the strongest backlink ever. So, they create an impression about the author or the content which results in  make website popular.

So, submit some guest posts and grab your backlinks from there.


Backlinks are the most essential part of the blogging journey. Any link that leads back to your blog or blog content is known as backlink. In the previous points, may be the idea of having a quality backlink or generation tips of backlinks are cleared, but there are some other ways to generate backlinks. Backlinks are mostly generated through comments.Blog commenting is very much important these days. Do you ever notice your Alexa widget?There is a term called linked. Do you exactly know what is that? Well, this is nothing but the total no of links back to your blog. And trust me, most of the links are generated via blog commenting. That’s why blog commenting is very much essential.

Here you might have a question about How to rank in Google via blog comments. Well, the answer is quite easy to say. The more link back to your sites from high DA, and high PR sites are considered as the most valuable links. Google gives more importance on those links. I can surely tell this because I have practically experiment this.

Here some of the tips to publish valuable comments :

  1. The comment should not be like thank you/ good post / keep rocking etc. Those comments does not catch the readers eyes.
  2. Publish the comments in such a way that the comment links up with the content.
  3. After the comment you can add your own signature style. For example, happy blogging/ keep posting etc.
  4. I used to thank the author for publishing the content and then add the information what my heart says. I always write Happy blogging after the content. I think this gives a good impression. And most of my comments turns as backlinks.
  5. Try to comment as long as you can.(Thus you can cover the whole topic. )
  6. Sometimes argumentation is also good to catch readers eyes.
  7. First 5-10 comments easily catch readers eyes. But after that people used to not scroll down. Try to comment as earlier as you can.
  8. CommentLUV , this is the most appropriate tool to generate do-follow backlink via comments. I recommend every blogger to use this tool.

I prepared a funny Infographics about backlinks almost one year earlier. Here it is. ?

Backlink info

Conclusion :

The whole article is based on the basic but effective tips to Rank higher on Google. But it needs some time. When the PageRank updates stopped, this is far more difficult to rank higher. What happens when any blogger doesn’t get

Perhaps the effects are still lasting. What happens when any blogger doesn’t get well response, they find an alternate way. But i already told you that this is very dangerous. So, please hold your patience and keep going.

Things needs time to fulfill.

Hope you enjoy this article. Give me your valuable comments and feel free to ask me anything regarding this.

P.S: Some days earlier I posted on facebook that I will publish a complete guide about search engine optimization as many of the bloggers asked me to do so. But when I started to learn more about SEO then realized that this is not one topic that will cover in only one article. The reason behind the delayed to publish that post is only knowledge. I know there are some of the other factors which effects SEO mostly . So I decided to go step by step tutorial about how to optimize SEO for your blog.  and this is the first initiative. I will rearrange everything and publish an e-Book very soon.

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