You should quit blogging because your blog is not working

What is a blog? What is blogging? Why am I here to blog? What will happen with me in the future?

These are the question usually comes on my mind. Actually, today I will share something different. You may guess what it should be, looking at the title, but I will prove you wrong. For this post, I was not done any keyword analysis. I don’t have any kind of plan to execute it but wait. This is a case study of mine.

Before proceed let me tell you, I am blogging since 2012. Yes from 2012. I think some of you don’t know about blogging in the year 2012. But accidentally, I discovered blogging for myself in 2012 and which was a life changing mistake for me. Please note my word. Life changing mistake by me. I will tell you later on why I consider my direction as a life changing mistake.

In this post, I am going to tell about some basic stuff people always do mistake on it and as a result they quit blogging. I already quit my blogging 2 times and it is my 3rd attempt with BloggiTips. So I think I can tell you enough about how to quit blogging. Yes! How to quit blogging???

So, Let’s get started? And yes you can definitely quit blogging.


How to start a blog?

Everybody knows it about how to start a blog but after starting a blog some people don’t have the idea about what to do in the future. Is really content is the king? How you can do your masters in SEO?  

Well, starting a blog is not a difficult task. You can start your blog within 5 minute. But before proceed please make sure in some cases-

  1. Domain selection:

    Domain selection is very much essential for a long race. Because it is the first and last identity of yours for the search engine. People may understand you by the contents, by your social media activity and many other factors. Secondly, I would like to recommend check twice before going for the domain name. There are lots of techniques are available on the internet how to choose the domain name, but the one method I can really tell you that choose effective, simple and understandable name. People actually visit with your domain. They want to go with the “domain to domain” psychology. If your domain name is understandable or simple, then in the future it might help you in the future.


Another thing is that when your blog is started attract more no of viewers, then DA (Domain Authority) increases. This is very much helpful. Because later on your high ranked domain become your identity. This takes a good time. But if you want to increase your domain authority follow the previous rule. Because in blogging everything is relevant.

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  1. Web-Host selection:

    After domain name,  web host is the major place for the bloggers. There are lots of web host available in the market and most of them are really good and affordable. They offer you up to 60% off. Such a lucky you are to get 60% off for your first hosting. But sorry to say you that you are the biggest fool. This same thing happens with me too. I got my first hosting for only in $7 or $8 (I forgot the actual amount) and the subscription period was for 6 months. But after 6 months period when I go for renewal, it asks me $35 for one year. So, I think I am not the smart buyer. Though I don’t have enough money to renew that I simply go for a new blog. (Now I can realize how fool I was). So, this my request to choose your web host smartly. Because this is a very critical step. Hosting services offer a great discount for the first time but after that they charge too much money for renewing it. Next thing is try to book your period for more than 1 or 2 years. Because this helps in two reasons. One is that you are saving a great amount of money and the second one is that if you have any further plan to move your host of book dedicated server for you blog or website, then I think 2 rears is enough to establish your blog. (I am telling about dedicated server because at first 99% of blogger choose shared hosting for them. Which sometimes can drive traffic or sometimes not. It depends upon other website hosting on that same server. So dedicated hosting is the best option)

These two are the main and basic requirement for a blog (I am saying about WordPress). Though these process is  looking very much easy to book a domain name and web host for your blog but it actual, it isn’t easy enough. For a long race, you should be aware in every move.

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Nobody is listening to you

Seriously man, you should be quite and stop blogging as soon as possible. What does it mean? Definitely, nobody will listen to you because you are out of your track.

Let me tell you, for success you should stop looking at your site states. Because it serves the wrong data and by mistake jetpack has introduced this feature. Or Google analytic, it will be a vigorous crime to use analytic. So, don’t be a part of a crime.

May be you are going to blame me but just think, after publishing your blog post how much time you are going to see your site states? Every time when you open your dashboard, which pull your eyes first? Ha ha ha !!!! This happens with every bloggers specially the new ones. Trust me.

Remember, Site state is not the data which measure your success. It is a tracking system. But many of the bloggers thinks and they are worried about the site states. According to me, don’t demotivate yourself. Everybody is listening to you and they will love to see more posts from you in the future. Just you need to do some homework.

Now, what you can do?

Just focus on your content and try to make good relationship with others. This will help you to generate 50% of your success. J

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Quality vs Consistency

This is the major and crucial part of blogging and gets more views from yours readers. Hei, Stop laughing. Now jetpack will really gonna help you to track your traffic. ? ? ?

You many notice the top bloggers that they published their work within a same time of period. This is really helpful for them. Because publishing contents frequently means more views, more views means more money. Isn’t it? But it was not like that. Yes. It is not like that at all.

All bloggers try to maintain consistency. But every time they can’t make it happen. Because, they have to do more and more works. So, What is the best practice?

Yes, consistency is good. Try to post twice a week or thrice a week anyhow. Don’t push yourself to must do that because it will effect on Quality. Now I think everything will be clear.

This is a war for the newbie bloggers against quality vs. consistency. How to get quality and how to be consistent on it? This things always changes as the toast. Because the requirement is different for every people. For me, everything is related to every other in blogging. I consider as that quality comes from consistency and consistency comes from quality.

Well, there is some ideas to write more and more no of posts which leads both quality and consistency. The basics are I will mention right now-

  1. Make a definite plane for what you will write next. This gives you a brief idea about what you will write next. Try to make some short points.
  2. Analysis your keywords very well, sometimes keywords also give the best idea to write a post.
  3. Always keep your pen and paper ready while you are landing on others blog post.
  4. Try to add relevancy or a proper link in between your contents.

These are some of the tips from my side which I always tries to do. And this is really helpful. So, Now I think you have a brief idea about quality and consistency. But this is not end yet.

Here my mistake : With the previous blog (not active now) I almost wrote 12 articles, blog was working very good and daily traffic reached 300+. But then I got my 1st semester results, failed in 4 core subjects. (I am still struggling with 2 of them). Initially I got nervous, but finally due to study pressures I quit blogging. Actually, in the initial days I worked hard and as a result I am able to get 300+ visitors daily with some of my posts(that blog was a tech niche blog) but when I left blogging for some days and a gap of small period leads me towards a life changing mistake.

So, I always recommend sticking with your blog. Because it will carry good news for you guaranteed. Every morning it will carry good news, trust me. But this is not the time to quit.


The barrier of 2000+

This seems a nightmare for every bloggers to complete 2000+ words in each article. But what you will do? You can hardly able to write 800+ words. 1200+ words are still remaining. Is it happens with you?

So, What’s next. This happens basically with the newbie bloggers. This happens with me too. Then I come to a point to not looking at the words counter. Actually, if you need success then stop thinking too much about that. This is the first thing to you must do.

So, nothing much to remove the barrier.


Believe Yourself

Nothing is important. You are the king of your own life. But sometimes the king is also caught by the opposite warriors.

Failure is the pillar of success.


We heard this form the very first day of school.

If you want to become a good blogger then you must give a quality time to your blog. This is the field of emerging technology and the future way of living. Because the opportunity of getting a JOB(Just obey your boss) is very less now a days. So, we should do something for ourselves. Always remember one good blogger can create the job for 10 people.

I always do something extra to make myself fresh. Here is the list. I hope this can help you

  1. Daily and proper schedule.
  2. Read motivational books.
  3. Keep in touch with bloggers.
  4. Give some extra time to myself(Health matters).
  5. Facebook,twitter and emails. (My best friends).
  6. Read as much as article I can.
  7. Sharing is really caring.
  8. Watch movies.
  9. Late night parties.
  10. And some phone calls.

(Please ignore it if it is worth)

Look, Blogging is not easy enough to understand overnight. People fail to understand its power and depth which makes a life wonderful. Please never ever try to quit blogging. Because you have choose an wonderful job for yourself. But without hard work everything is worth.

So, chars for your new start.

Well, this article is about to end and I haven’t mention about my life changing mistake yet.

My Life changing mistake

Mistakes are usually destroying something. But for me, It changes my life. I consider that those mistakes are very very essential to stand in front of the bloggers now. I accept everything. May be it should right or wrong. The right one gives me courage to walking and keep walking and the wrong one makes me right so that I can keep walking. For me life is giving you chances, but we can’t take the right chance at the right time.

I quit blogging for 3 times. This gives me lesions how to stuck on your blog and make it happier. That’s why here I am. Technically I may be doing know the mining of blogging well enough but I am here to blog and make my life happy.

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